Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Master's, Musical & Books

First, most exciting, Amy has a definite place to do her Master's in interior design, while I do my foundation (nursery-class) at the same place. I'll try very hard not to disgrace her by behaving like a student too often, but in the interests of my 60 challenges...
Next, the school's performance of Alice in Wonderland, put on over just a weekend went amazingly well last night, all knew their words, a first I think, & no tantrums, also something of a record. Well done one&all!
What's on for next year I wonder?
Finally, another new challenge: I'm taking up Clare's suggestion of randomly leaving 60 books in public places for people to find &, I hope, feed back to this site. I'm off to Yorkshire with another DofE group at the weekend, so will be stopping at plenty of likely places.
I'm also pleased to welcome another follower, 4 now, not the whole world, but a trickle.


  1. I found one of your books :) It was an Algernon Blackwood collection, and it was in the enterance hall of The Wheatsheaf in Ingleton, which is where I work. And it's just my kind of book! I'll read it after I finish my current book, and am already wondering where to leave it when I am done.

  2. I'm delighted this is bringing some feedback. Blackwood was a distant relative, that copy was given to me in the sixties by a schoolfriend who knew this & bought this at Rome airport. Our house is bursting , & I thought it time for Uncle Algy to go travelling!

  3. I'd also happily recommend your pub! V good goat cheese tart!

  4. Picked up 1 of your books (The antagonist) at the youth hostel in Ingelton on august 14 and left an other book at the hostel.
    On a walking tour from Whitby to Whitehaven. Walking stretches of the Coast to coast.
    Nice book, but not enough time to finish.
    Had it droped at Whitby youth hostel on august 23


  5. Thanks v much for the update, your walk sounds good, across the middle, not round the top? Good Luck

  6. I found "Doctors in Shirt Sleeves" at the YHA Hostel in Libanus, Wales. It caught my eye as I am a doctor, and it proved a fascinating read. I plan to give it to my dad, also a GP, who I am sure will also enjoy the read, and will delight in finding a public place to deposit it!

    1. Wow, still getting feedback over 2 years later, exciting! I hope your dad enjoys it too.